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Pre-Con A

Step Up! Mastering the Incivility Challenge

Wednesday April 19 – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm 
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We’ve probably all seen its signs at one time or another: the eye-rolling, belittling of others’ experience or skills, dismissive body language, excessive sarcasm and chronic “attitude.”  The negative effects of workplace incivility go to the heart of service delivery in seniors’ care. Reduced collaboration, decreased performance and damage to your organization's reputation can all occur when co-workers fail to treat one another with respect. Yet its ambiguous nature -- sometimes fleeting, sometimes entrenched -- can make it difficult to tackle.

Become equipped to recognize and address the roots and symptoms of workplace incivility through an interactive session that will motivate you to feel, think and, most of all, act differently towards it. Sharone Bar-David brings her background as a lawyer, social worker and author of Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility to help you get a clear handle on what workplace incivility is and how to recognize its manifestations. Be challenged to understand the real impacts of incivility and what you are accountable for as a leader. Specific strategies such as the “Banner Test” for identifying when behaviour has crossed the line and “Mind the Broken Window” for mobilizing you into action will give you clear approaches for constructively addressing incivility. We’ll take an honest look at our own behaviour as leaders and leave feeling motivated to better model civility in our workplaces.

Sharone Bar-David, President, Bar-David Consulting


Pre-Con B

Long Term Care Governance and Leadership *

Wednesday April 19 9:30 am – 6:30 pm (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Boards and committees of management have unique and vital roles as stewards in long term care. In this era of transformation and heightened accountability, it is critical that governing bodies understand their legislative obligations, have the information they need for strategic decision making and have the capacity to shape and drive the vision for the organization.

Attend this unique session designed specifically to help not-for-profit long term care board and committee of management members in their leadership and oversight roles. Gain insights into the current long term care environment and understand the government’s expectations for the sector. Using panel presentations, case studies and interactive opportunities, we will look at key components of long term care through a governance lens, including legislative and legal obligations, service agreements, as well as funding and reporting. Provincial quality initiatives, working with LHINs, public relations and reputation management and the value of building community partnerships and other external relationships will also be covered. Come prepared to share your own experiences and learn from others’.

Robert Morton, Board Chair, North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network

Dan Buchanan, Director, Financial Policy, OANHSS

Nancy Coldham, Partner, CG Group

Catharine Gapp, Chief Executive Officer, OANHSS

Kathy O’Brien, Lawyer, DDO Health Law

Brian Swainson, Chief Executive Officer, St. Luke’s Place, Cambridge

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