Opening Keynote

Neil Pasricha
The Happiness Equation

Wednesday April 19


The strongest companies in the world have the happiest people working for them, according to The Book of Awesome and Happiness Equation author Neil Pasricha. Drawing on his many years of researching top organizational leaders and interviewing psychologists and others, this “happiness expert” has distilled their lessons for developing happier people and happier workplaces. Learn how to build support networks, manage energy and stress, and ultimately create happiness in your employees – and yourself – leading to peak engagement and performance. Pasricha’s infectious enthusiasm and heartfelt authenticity will renew your motivation, your energy and leave you feeling happier than when you came in!

Neil Pasricha is the bestselling author of The Book of Awesome and more recently, The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything. A Harvard MBA with a focus on leadership and organizational behaviour, he helped to design one of the first global leadership development programs inside a top Fortune 500 company. He has also worked as a management consultant to Fortune 50 companies, advising them on leadership strategies.

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Terry O'Reilly
The Power of Branding

Thursday April 20


He’s captured your ears through the radio. Now master marketing demystifier Terry O’Reilly uses his storytelling prowess to explain the power of a brand and why it matters to public support for the work we do. He’ll talk about the power of a consistent brand, how a brand is more than a logo, how a powerful image can convey trust and confidence, and how a strong identity can generate reservoirs of goodwill that your organization can draw on in times of trouble. He’ll also analyze what all of this means to members of OANHSS as we unveil our new brand and identity.

Terry O’Reilly is a Canadian broadcast personality and award-winning host of Under the Influence , which explores the changing world of marketing, heard on CBC Radio and others. Chosen as one of Canada’s “Most Influential” marketing people by Marketing magazine, he has created advertising campaigns for leading brands such as Labatt, Molson, Tim Hortons, Volkswagen and Pepsi USA.

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