What’s New

Every year, top companies bring their latest innovations to the Advancing Senior Care Annual General Meeting and Convention. Here are some of the cutting-edge products and services you’ll find on the exhibition floor in 2018.

Surge Learning Inc.

Introducing a new Skills and Credentials Manager

Surge Learning is excited to announce the release our new Skills and Credentials Manager. It is a fantastic new addition to our Learning Management System. This replaces the existing skills tool and has many new features including certificate management, competency and renewal alerts. The Skills and Credentials Manager allows employers to create and track a list of skills. It maintains a schedule that notifies employees when skills are about to expire.  Managers can validate skills that require manager approval. This new tool also allows employees to update their skills in their profile and upload certificates. Our multi-site customers will find that skills tracking will now be available throughout the entire organization.

MASS Environmental Services Inc.

New strategies to help you comply with Ontario changing waste management laws in 2018

Since 2001, MASS Environmental Services Inc. has been the Canadian leader in solid waste advising for the senior care industry. In 2018, our commitment to cost control, education, and compliance has become more important than ever as the Province of Ontario moves towards the implementation of Bill 151 and the provincial waste diversion strategy – Waste Free Ontario. The legislation of Waste Free Ontario has outlined a plan to ban food waste from landfill within the ICI Sector, including in the senior care industry. For AdvantAge Ontario clients, this means a change to your daily operations in order to ensure you do not receive a violation fine for non-compliance. This is where MASS’s expertise becomes invaluable. Let us work with you to implement a cost-effective waste diversion strategy, and to educate your staff. We design programs from start to finish, implementing turn key systems so as to ensure ease and efficiency for your entire team. We all leave a footprint on this earth. Let MASS help you to reduce yours.

Seasons Care Dietitian Network

Introducing the Seasons Care Hydration Program

Dehydration is such an important topic in the care of our residents. It impacts so many other aspects of care, from fall prevention and wound care to UTIs, constipation, and delirium. Next to oxygen, water is the nutrient most needed for life.

The Seasons Care Hydration Program is a comprehensive, collaborative and multidisciplinary program that promotes buy-in and involvement from all staff and management. The goal of our program is to proactively mitigate risks for our residents. Interventions are immediate, reducing the risk of dehydration and associated complications. The program is seamlessly paired with PointClickCare, which allows for a complete electronic trail of record. This innovative program incorporates best practices and is evidence-based. Over 35 long term care homes are using our proactive approach to dehydration, with terrific results. We believe this program can be a major benefit to your homes and your residents.

StaffStat Inc.

An innovative health care app to help you fill shifts fast

StaffStat is an innovative shift-filling solution that leverages technology to solve an age-old problem in health care. When shifts are left unfilled, schedulers and charge nurses are required to call down the list manually to fill shifts, a task that takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes per shift. Using StaffStat means that these individuals can post their shift request in 30 seconds and reach all staff in their preferred method of communication in under three minutes. Staff respond back directly to the system. Using StaffStat means eliminating shift-related grievances, higher shift-fill rates and lowered costs in agency use and overtime.